A supervised walking program to reduce risky wandering: A feasibility study

Project Researchers Prof. Elizabeth Beattie, Dr. Elaine Fielding, Dr. Margaret MacAndrew

Year: January 1, 2016

Partners Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

Program Overview:

In residential aged care (RAC), wandering behaviour is common and is reported by carers to be challenging to manage due to its association with negative outcomes including: malnutrition and dehydration, falls and injuries, entry into hazardous and potential life threatening situations and accidental exit from a safe environment.

There is currently little evidence guiding best practice for the care of people with dementia who wander in RAC. Based on what is known about dementia-related wandering, this project will explore the feasibility of taking residents with dementia who are known to wander on a 30 minute walk, 5 days per week for 3 weeks.

The aim of the intervention is to reduce risky aspects of wandering while promoting safe walking.  This project is part of a program of research that will guide the development of an evidence based protocol to reduce risky aspects of wandering in RAC.