Dr. Tiffany Jessop

DCRC Centre Manager

PhD, BSc. (Hons)

+61 2 9385 2592

About Dr. Tiffany Jessop

Tiffany graduated with a PhD in cell biology from UNSW and then moved into dementia care research 8 years ago with the Dementia Centre for Research Collaboration (DCRC).

Tiffany joined the Dementia Centre for Research Collaboration in March 2012 as the Project Officer for the Dementia Services Evaluation Grants (DSEG) Program. This Program aimed to develop and implement a model for research capacity building within community based dementia services. Eleven organisations successfully completed the DSEG Program and the model has been further developed into the Dementia Service Providers’ Evaluation And Knowledge Exchange (SPEAKE) Program.

Tiffany then coordinated the Halting Antipsychotic use in Long-Term care (HALT) Project. HALT was a successful multidisciplinary project, with collaboration between people with dementia, families, RACFs, GPs, pharmacists and clinical specialists to achieve reductions in inappropriate antipsychotic use and associated adverse events. The intervention incorporated education and promotion of non-pharmacological approaches to managing changed behaviours and psychological symptoms in nursing home residents with dementia.

Tiffany’s continuing research focus is on improving care for people experiencing changed behaviours and psychological symptoms associated with dementia including reducing the inappropriate use of psychotropic medicines and human rights for older people, in addition to managing the UNSW Medicine hub of the DCRC.

Other Publications

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