Sexuality Assessment Tool [SexAT]

Intimacy and the expression of sexuality are fundamental aspects of a person’s wellbeing that continue to be important as we age.

The Sexuality Assessment Tool aims to help staff working  residential aged care facilities (RACFs) familiarise themselves with the issues, guide practice, and identify areas for improvement with regard to residents’ sexuality and its expression.

This resource has been designed for staff working in residential aged care, but may also be useful for personal care staff.

SexAT is designed to support quality in residential aged care facilities by helping to identify areas where further improvements may be required and monitor facility practices over time.

This tool was developed in consultation with a wide range of experts, industry professionals, and consumers, including staff, family members, and older people (with and without dementia) of Australian residential aged care facilities.

SexAT is free to use. You can download the resource by clicking on link below.

Authors: Prof. Elizabeth Beattie, Dr Michael Bauer, Dr Deirdre Fetherstonhaugh, Dr Laura Tarzia, Prof Rhonda Nay

Partners: LaTrobe University, Queensland University of technology

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