Dementia Risk Reduction Guide for GPs

For professionals working in general practice

This guide provides information for GPs about modifiable risk and protective factors for dementia. Each section explains the evidence for the association of that factor with dementia risk and provides a practical guide to the resources available to GPs to assist them to work with their patients to address factors of concern. Where possible, hyperlinks are provided to those resources.

This resource is for professionals working in general practice.

The guide aims to provide GPs with a quick reference source to enable them to offer strategies to patients for maintaining their cognitive health and reducing their dementia risk. As many of the risk factors for dementia overlap with those for heart disease and other chronic conditions that can be addressed by preventative health, the guide draws on existing clinical guidelines for general practice and other available resources, and provides links to these.

Authors: Dr Maree Farrow

Partners: Alzheimer's Australia

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Dementia Risk Reduction PDF