Environmental Design Kit

Helping to create dementia friendly environments

This kit is for residential and healthcare managers, planners, architects and designers – to help them create dementia-friendly environments that promote independence and reduce anxiety in people with dementia while assisting carers to do their job.

Based on 10 principles of good design, and informed by best evidence including DCRC-supported research, this kit is part of the awarded winning* Environmental Design Education Service provided by Dementia Training Australia.


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The toolkit downloads as three parts (pdf documents):

1.    Principles and Evidence Summary
A review of the literature and evidence behind the key principles of design

2.    The Environmental Audit Tool (EAT)
An assessment tool for reviewing an environment on dimensions important to consider for people living with dementia.
Click here for more information about this tool – and how to get the app!

3.    The Environmental Audit Tool Handbook 
To assist users of the Environmental Audit Tool (EAT)

EAT Aged Health NetworkI work in a hospital setting – is this toolkit useful for me?

Read this report commissioned by the NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) Aged Health Network Health  – it explains how the principles in the Environmental Design Kit can guide the design of new and refurbished inpatient units that will accommodate people with dementia.

I live at home – is this toolkit useful for me?

A useful way to apply the 10 principles of dementia friendly design in the home is to use the app developed by Alzheimer’s Australia Victoria

Partners: Designing For People With Dementia (DPD), Dementia Training Australia, University of Wollongong

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