Education for GPs & Pharmacists

By detecting dementia early, we can assist people with dementia – and their carers – to plan ahead and make crucial decisions about the future

The Detect Early website provides a wide range of resources and tools to help detect and manage dementia at the early stages. It includes materials and programs for health professionals which feature expertise of the Dementia Collaborative Research Centres, in particular the Timely Diagnosis of Dementia and the GPCOG Screening tool. Accredited continuing professional education is also indicated in a ‘Education and CPD’ section.

For GPs

– information about  routine screening for cognitive impairment, plus educational resources targeted at community healthcare, e.g. help-sheets for patients and their families

For Pharmacists

– tailored educational resources to assist with early intervention, as well as patient-focused materials in the section on Managing Dementia.

The Detect Early resource and the list of accredited education programs for health professionals is maintained by Alzheimer’s Australia.

Partners: Alzheimer's Australia

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