Resources for Home Carers

Project Investigators Prof. Elizabeth Beattie

Project Researchers Sandra Jeavons, Ms Catherine Wyles

Year: January 1, 2016

Partners •Curtin University • Queensland University of Technology • Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital • Griffith University

Program Overview:

This project is developing a collection of resources to help family carers of persons living with dementia. A key focus in their development is input from people living with dementia, and their perspectives on the types of resources they would find useful. To date, topics include advice from other home carers, decisions about respite care, communicating with health professions, and sexualities.

This project received funding from DCRC KT program, and involves teams across Australia, led by the DCRC Carers and Consumers.

Home Care Resources:

A Guide for Care Workers

This booklet has been written to help you understand why it is important for you to support people with dementia make everyday decisions. There are practical examples in this booklet of how to do this. All people want to be treated in a way that is consistent with their own wishes and preferences. People want to make decisions based on information they have been given and their personal experience where possible. Being involved in decisions and making decisions is part of being a ‘person’. Everyone has the right to be acknowledged and respected as a person.

Focus on the Person Tool for Home Carers

This tool is designed to help you record information about the person you care for that can be quickly and easily provided to the hospital staff to assist them to provide personalised care. It is designed for family and home carers of a person with dementia.

Looking After Yourself While Looking After Someone With Dementia

As a carer it is important to look after yourself. If you’re not well it is difficult for you to look after someone else. This guide has information about the meaning of wellness and many handy strategies to help you improve your wellness and increase your resilience.

Getting the most out of Respite Care

If you care for somebody with dementia, you need to remember to look after yourself. Sometimes this means taking a break, by getting help from respite services. Getting the most out of respite care has been designed to help you decide if and when you should use these services.

Sexuality And People In Aged Care Facilities: A Guide For Partners And Families

This guide has been written for partners and families to help you understand more about sexuality, what it means and how and why it might still be important for people with dementia.

Transition to Residential Care

The transition to permanent residential care can be the most difficult time in your carer journey. Watch this 6 minute video to hear real advice from carers about how they dealt with both the practical and emotional aspects of transitioning from home-based to permanent residential care.