The International Research Network on Dementia Prevention (IRNDP)

Project Researchers Prof. Kaarin J Anstey, Dr. Ruth Peters, Dr. Nikki-Anne Wilson

Partners NeuRA

Program Overview:

The IRNDP is a multinational network bringing together researchers who are working to reduce the risk of dementia across the world.

The International Research Network on Dementia Prevention (IRNDP) has been established to:

  • increase dementia risk reduction messaging worldwide, and
  • develop targeted research to answer questions about the detailed impact of known and emerging risk factors in dementia.

This has particular relevance in low- to middle-income (LMIC) countries as exposure to lifestyle and clinical risk factors becomes more common as LMIC economies grow.

While there are many current overlapping public health, patient, research, policy and practice initiatives aimed at prevention or treatment of dementia, there is currently no single collaborative network of researchers to focus global attention on prevention and on LMICs.

The globally ageing population makes a collaborative network like IRNDP highly relevant worldwide.

Please visit the IRNDP website to see the results of IRNDP led research, meet the researchers and access multiple IRDNP resources on dementia risk reduction including multi-language infographics and fact sheets for the public as well as for the research and stakeholder communities.

For further information, please contact either Dr Ruth Peters or Dr Lidan Zheng.

Project Website: