Webinar: Day 1 – Changed behaviours and psychological symptoms associated with dementia

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In November 2020 two DCRC online symposia took place for people interested in dementia research on improving care and reducing changed behaviours and psychological symptoms associated with dementia.

The aims of Day 1 of the symposia were to discuss research activities involving changed behaviours and/or psychological symptoms associated with dementia and care for people living with dementia. This event forms part of the special interest group led by Dr Claire Burley

The aims of Day 2 of the symposia were to launch the new ‘Anxiety and Depression in Dementia Research Network (ADDResearch)’ and the focus was on research into anxiety and depression in dementia. This network is a collaboration between UNSW Sydney and the University of Queensland and is co-led by Drs Claire Burley and Nadeeka Dissanayaka.

Please email Dr Claire Burley c.burley@unsw.edu.au  if you are interested in joining the special interest group or ADDResearch.

Recorded Wednesday, 4 November 2020
Presented by Dementia Centre for Research Collaboration (DCRC)
Running Time: 02:30:00

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