Dementia and Driving – A Decision Aid

Helping people with dementia make a safe and timely decision about driving

The Driving and Dementia Decision Aid Booklet (DDDA) – Australian Version is a booklet which is part of a set of educational resources on dementia and driving and including a video. The booklet also comes in large print format, with versions for Australia and New Zealand.

This resource is for any driver who has received a diagnosis of dementia.

Most older adults have driven safely and remained accident-free for many years. Unfortunately, dementia can silently disrupt driving skills. At times, family members notice unsafe driving behaviour first. For a variety of reasons, the issue of driving safety is often not raised by doctors, nurses, family or friends.

The aim of this booklet is to assist a person with dementia in deciding when to stop driving after receiving a diagnosis of dementia. It is hoped that early planning for retirement from driving will avoid the need to stop suddenly in the future.

Authors: Dr John Carmody, A/Prof Victoria Traynor, Prof Don Iverson, Ms Catherine Andrew

Partners: Dementia Training Australia, University of Wollongong

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