Antipsychotic deprescription for older adults in long-term care: the HALT study

Authors: Prof. Henry Brodaty AO, Dr. Tiffany Jessop, Aerts, L. et al.

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Approaches to Deprescribing Psychotropic Medications for Changed Behaviours in Long‑Term Care Residents Living with Dementia

Authors: Dr. Tiffany Jessop, Prof. Henry Brodaty AO, Stephanie L. Harrison, Monica Cations, Sarah N. Hilmer, Mouna Sawan

Citation: Drugs and Aging 2018 Dec 11 [ePub] https://doi.org/10.1007/s40266-018-0623-6

Critical contextual elements in facilitating and achieving success with a person-centred care intervention to support antipsychotic deprescribing for older people in long-term care

Authors: Dr. Tiffany Jessop, Prof. Henry Brodaty AO, Lynn Chenoweth, Fleur Harrison, Cations Monica, Janet Cook

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